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How do i Tumblr?

I love Tumblr, but seriously, its functionality has been a constant source of frustration. I spent the first two months unable to scroll down my dashboard, access messages or see if I had followers. (Switching to Firefox was the answer.) I used to get reblog notifications, but they stopped. Sometimes I get new follower notifications, but not consistently. That's all ok. As long as I can scroll infinitely, it's good.

My problem: I added a new blog using the + sign at the top menu. (I want a personal blog to use, and I like the idea of not having to sign out and log in to another account.) So I went to add some of your Tumblrs to my New Blog, but since Old Blog follows you already, I can't follow you as "New Blog." (i.e., if I go to your page, the only option is to check "unfollow.") There's only one Dashboard, so I'll still see your posts, but if I go to follow someone new, will they see that Old Blog added them or New Blog added them? If I reblog someone, I want it to appear on New Blog because I just want to keep the content of Old Blog concentrated on GN photo manips.

Any advice, people with multiple Tumblrs? Thanks

EDIT: I think I found my answer under their help pages: "an additional blog cannot Follow another blog, Like a post, Reply to a post, Ask a question, or Submit a post. Those are examples of being the initiator of a social feature and those actions can only be performed by a primary blog." Dammit, guess I'm going to have to create a new blog and sign in and out all the time.
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the tree is still up, so it's STILL the holidays

I realize that I'm luckier than many, in that our office closes for the week between Christmas and New Year's. Of course, that made it even harder to go back to work today. But break was good.

I gave my nephews light sabers, and my sister IS still speaking to me. No one has lost an eye, broken any precious objects, or turned to the dark side yet. Saw Mission Impossible at the IMAX and showed my friends the projection booth. Made re-posed gingerbread men with my mother, editing them to make siamese twins, ninjas, transvestites, and the like. I made California roll sushi (without crab) which tasted amazing but which I canNOT get tight enough. Watched a ton of Rifftrax while recuperating from kid germs infection, huddling underneath two warm cats.

Work has actually been much better these past couple of months. My supervisor quit, so I was able to take on some of her responsibilities and lose some of the micro-managing I was under. Got a better office, even if it IS so small it gets warmed up just with my own body heat in it. But I'm not sharing an office anymore, so I'm pleased. There was enough money for some raises, so some of my panic is lifted. My duties for the coming year are headed in potentially satisfying directions involving more editorial jobs and video projects. This is not to say that the job hunt is off...but at least it'll be more tolerable until I can get out.

OK, I'm off to Photoshop the liquid metal Terminator guy into a Watchmen GN panel. Ta-ta!
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I don't really set New Year's resolutions as such, but the coming new year coincided with a lot of changes I want to make because I'm sick of feeling like hell all the time.

1 - Get healthy.
This encompasses many areas, and is part of a 2-year plan to get myself together by the next big landmark birthday then. I've already started by quitting the constant drinking and getting back on antidepressants, so a lot of the rest should take care of itself.

2 - Communicate more.
I have the feeling this will only be accomplished on LJ, but that's fine. Still counts. I've been cutting off more and more and sharing less and less, and frankly it's causing problems. (and don't freak out and not post this entry. post it, damn you.)

3 - Draw.
For years I've been saying that I want to learn to draw. I don't plan on classes, just practice. I dare not pressure myself with deadlines, but assigning myself specific time slots to do it would be helpful.

Oh yeah. And get a new job.
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"Greetings, starfighter..."

I'm taking a break from holiday shopping (all done but mom's gifts) and cleaning (so far I've only made MORE of a shambles) to watch 1984's The Last Starfighter. I haven't even thought about this film in ages, let alone watched it, but it's every bit as spectacular as I remember :DD
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the most instances of giant blue peen in any film ever

Ever read this? --> Parents Guide for Watchmen It's a list of moments in the film that parents may not want their children to see. Reading it as a blow-by-blow recount of the action makes me laugh my head off!

My favorites:

The description of the Dan/Laurie sex scene. Pretend it's badfic while you read.

"A Man gets his arms sawn off. Lots of blood sprays on the wall."

"22 uses of "fuck"." <-- Next time someone is taking prompt requests, THIS is the fic title I will give you.

"The woman pulls down the man's pants and realizes that he is not aroused."
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My sister just texted me this photo.

She will be giving birth in a few weeks.

She wrote: "The baby had better watch out."

I love her sense of humor.

Speaking of giving birth, that is Tiger -- my cats' mother <3 She has an excellent sense of humor and great parenting skillz too.
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Sorry if my yahoo email account spammed you. It must have gotten compromised somehow. I changed my password, so I hope it's safe again.
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How did I not know that there was full frontal Rickman nudity in Dark Harbor?!?!?!

Not to mention him splaying in bed in his underwear, or shirtless getting hosed down with water, or the nude ass.

The gay make-out scene I did know about, however. Been re-watching it a lot lately, so I finally viewed Dark Harbor in its entirety...and the entirety of Mr. Rickman. Finally.

*goes back into fandom hiding*